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  • plug your range extender into a power outlet near to your router just for initial setup after that you can place where you get less wifi signals .
    now press wps button of your router by holding it fo 5 seconds then immediately press wps button of your extender for 5 seconds.after that you can see your tplink extender in your wifi list .

    The WPS process will last 2 minutes. You can wait 2 minutes, and then check the wireless signal LED of your Range Extender. If it’s on (no matter what color it is or how many signal bars there are), then your Range Extender has been successfully connected to your main Router/AP

    After 2 minutes, if the wireless signal LED of your Range Extender is still off, it means the WPS process fails. You may need to try one more or several more times of WPS operation, and repeat the steps above.

    >Open a browser on your computer and at the address bar type >http://tplinkrepeater.net. If that doesn’t work, try >You should see a TP-Link web page appear.
    >Select Quick Setup and Next.
    >Select your region and Next.
    >Let the TP-Link extender scan for wireless networks. It might take a minute or two depending on how many networks there are around you.
    >Select your wireless network from the list, and select Next.
    Enter the wireless password when prompted.


Written by paul bates
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