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  • > Turn On your Tplink router
    > now connect your computer or smartphone with the router's network
    > open your browser
    > type or tplinkwifi.net
    > enter the login information(default is admin for both)
    > After that it will take you to the login page.


  • Steps you need to fllow in order to get to the login page of the router:
    1. Make sure your router is plugged in properly.(showing all lights there)
    2. Try connecting to it > once connected
    3. Open your web browser.
    4. on top web address bar type in there the IP of the router
    IP =

    * in case you dont know the IP
    > Windows + R
    > Type in – cmd
    > Type in there – ipconfig
    > Default getaway is your IP(_.__._)
    > System prefrences
    > Network
    > tcp/ip
    > routers ip(__.__.__)


Written by William Raley
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