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  • Certain steps you need to follow :
    Step 1 – Ensure the LED (light) that corresponds to the Ethernet port the computer is connected to the router is turned on.

    Step 2 – Open your computer’s web browser. The LinkSys web setup page is compatible with all major Internet browsers.

    Step 3 – Enter the router’s IP address in the Internet Browser’s address bar. The default LinkSys setup address is For newer LinkSys routers, the address, http://myrouter.local can also be used.

    Step 4 – Enter the router’s user name and password on the login screen followed by clicking the “Ok” menu button. If you still have the default login configuration on your router the user field should be left blank and use a default password of “admin.” On older LinkSys routers default logins may be:

    Step 5 – Select the “Administration” menu tab on the subsequently displayed screen. Then, select the “Management” section of the menu.

    Step 6 – Enter the default factory or a new password in the “Password” text field. Re-enter the same entry to confirm the change. On newer LinkSys routers the password can have an “unlimited” or very long password.

    Step 7 – Choose the “Save Settings” menu button. Now, all computers that are connected to the network will have to use the new LinkSys router password when logging into the router’s web-based configuration page.


  • Connect your computer or smartphone to the router's network
    >then open your web browser and type this address:- https://linksyssmartwifi.com or
    >enter your login password(default is admin)
    >once you are logged in, then go to the wireless tab
    >and from there you can change the wifi password.


Written by Doug Barr
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