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  • >connect your cellphone with the extender's network(make sure your cell phone should be a smartphone)
    >open the web browser and type this address:- https://extender.linksys.com or
    >click on start button
    >now follow the instructions and complete the setup process
    and once your extender is configured ,after that extender is ready to use.

    or we can also configure through wps method:-
    press and hold the wps button from the extender for atleast 3 seconds and within 2 minutes press and hold the wps button from the router for atleast 3 seconds
    and then wait for the lights to get stable.


  • Connect your smart phone with extender ‘s network.

    Open a web browser and type https://extender.linksys.com , if its not working use default Ip

    Click start .

    Now follow the instuction and complete setup process.

    Once your extender is configured, you are good to go, enjoy ur extender's wifi.


Written by Judy j ingvalson
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