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  • Steps you need to follow:

    > When you are observing that its not showing on your WiFi list there

    > Try resetting it ( by pressing the reset button for 30 sec. while its plugged in)

    > After resting it wait for 4-5 seconds and press the WPS button on the extender(if not, press it on the router)

    > wait for 1 min, you will see belkin setup option on your WiFi list there


  • If your extender is not showing up in the wifi list of your computer or smartphone then in that case we need to reset your extender in order to do the reconfiguration
    >so to reset your extender , you need to press and hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds and then release it
    > wait for the extender's light and once the light comes up
    > then we can configure your extender again


Written by Joe Katona1
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