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  • We can provide static ip address to a device by going into the settings of that device itself.
    For Example:-
    If we want to provide static ip address to a android smartphone ,for that we need follow some steps:-
    > Go to the settings of the smartphone
    > then go to wifi settings
    > Now select your network on which you want to provide static ip address
    > then under ip settings, select static option
    > now enter the ip address , subnet mask ,default gateway and dns server
    > and then hit connect.

    and if you want to provide static ip address to a printer , for that either you can do that from printer itself or from the web interface of the printer

    If you want to do that from the web interface then follow these steps:-
    > check the ip address of the printer which currently assigned by the router
    >then open the web browser on your computer or smartphone and type that specific address
    > then it will take you to the interface of the printer
    > after that go to the network tab and then select ipv4 option
    > now under ipv4 , select static and then enter the ip address that you want
    > and then save the settings.


Written by Joe Katona
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