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  • >Connect your asus router with the modem using an ethernet cable and cable should be connected to internet port of the asus router
    >now connect your computer with the asus router using ethernet cable or through the wifi network
    >open your browser and type this address:- https://router.asus.com or
    >enter the username and password(default is admin for both)
    >now follow the instructions and complete the setup
    >once the setup is complete then go to Administration tab
    >and select firmware upgrade option
    >now check for the new firmware and install the new firmware
    >once the firmware is upgraded, after that go to the homepage of the asus router.
    >Now Turn On your second asus router and place your second router near to your First asus router that we have configured
    (make sure that no cable should be connected to the second router except the power cable and it should be within 5 ft. from the first router)
    >From the homepage of the asus router , click on Ai Mesh icon
    >now it will search for the second router, once its get connected
    then go to the administration tab again and select the Firmware upgrade option again
    >now this time , upgrade the firmware for second router and for that download the latest firmware file from the asus website and then manually upgrade it.
    >once the upgrade is complete ,
    Ai mesh setup is complete and we can place our second router in the house anywhere we want.


Written by Lee Bourgeois
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