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  • You can login by typing in your routers IP in the web address bar of your browser
    If you dont know your IP there are lot of ways to find it out.
    1. Its written on router as in = DEFAULT GETAWAY IP
    2. Just simply google it.
    3. For windows
    * Type IPCONFIG on CMD (command prompt) in RUN (which you will get by typing run on windows search bar


  • In order to login into the TP-Link router webpage follow these steps:
    > Connect any one of your devices to Tp-link router's wifi
    > Open any web browser on the device
    > Type the web address that is or http://tplinkwifi.net
    > Now it will ask you for the username and password (default username and password is admin)
    That's how you are able to login into the page.


  • First of all- Connect your laptop with the router by using ethernet cable or wifi
    Open your any web browser and type in the URL BAR or

    And you are on the router login page

    Now type login credential

    And you are at the right path.


Written by Juan M
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