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  • Newer Asus routers may have an option in the web interface to update firmware. Otherwise, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.
    *First, visit the Asus website.
    *then click Support.
    *then Consumer and then search for your router.

    When you've reached the product page, click Support and Driver & Tools, then select your OS. Scroll down to firmware and download the latest version. Once it's on your hard drive, unzip it.

    In a web browser connected to the router's local network, enter "" into the URL field and access the router's interface. (If you never specified a username and password, they're both "admin.")
    Go to the Configuration Page and select Firmware Version.
    Then, upload your unzipped file and let the router install the update.
    Asus also recommends you reset the router after the installation is complete by pressing the reset button on the router's underside for 5 seconds.

Written by Keith L
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