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  • 1. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet near your router, and wait until the POWER LED is lit and solid blue.
    2. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer (if any).
    3. Click the Wi-Fi icon on your taskbar and connect to the extender’s network (e.g. TP-LINK_Extender_2.4GHz/5GHz).
    4. Launch a web browser and enter http://tplinkrepeater.net or in the address bar. Create a password for future login attempts, and click Start.
    5. Select your router’s 2.4GHz/5GHz host network and enter its password. Then click Next.
    6. Either keep the default SSIDs or customize them for the extended networks, and then click Next.
    7. Verify your wireless settings and click Save.
    8. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet about halfway between your router and the Wi-Fi dead zone. The location you choose must be within the range of your host network.
    9. Wait until the LED is lit and solid blue. If not, relocate it closer to the router to achieve better signal quality.


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