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  • If it says cant connect, means the password you are using is no longer same, or maybe changed by somebody.
    You need to change the Linksys router password by visiting the web based setup.

    Or try to reboot the Linksys router, it might work.


  • first you can check wifi password, might be you are typing the wrong password if still with the right password its not working, you can reboot the router or you can go to the network and internet setting select wifi and go with manage known network and forget the same network once, after try to connect with same wifi.


  • Linksys routers aim to provide seamless wireless performance to your home network. However, because obstructions are inevitable and security settings are sometimes incompatible, wireless connectivity and performance may be affected. Listed below are the common factors that affect wireless connection and network performance.

    A)Distance from the router

    To ensure stable wireless connectivity, make sure that your computer is within range of the wireless router. Computers may also have problems connecting to wireless networks due to interference from neighboring wireless devices such as cordless phones and microwave ovens. To avoid wireless interference, changing the channel of your router is recommended.

    B)Incorrect wireless key/password

    Connecting to a secured wireless network requires WEP, WPA™ Personal or WPA2™ Personal security key or passphrase. You may encounter this error when you have changed the wireless settings of your router. To avoid this or if you are unsure about your wireless key or password, check the wireless security settings of your router. You can also try removing or forgetting your wireless network profiles or preferred networks.

    NOTE:Not all wireless adapters are compatible with WPA2 Personal. Check if your adapter and computer’s operating system are compatible with the router’s wireless security.

    C)Outdated adapter drivers

    Your computer’s wireless adapter performs better if the drivers are up-to-date. Wireless adapter’s compatibility with Wireless-AC, N, G, A or B standards should also be considered. Contact your hardware manufacturer for complete specifications of your wireless adapter. You can also check the connectivity of other wireless devices within the network. The router should be working fine if all other devices have good wireless connectivity to the network.

    QUICK TIP: To isolate the wireless connectivity issue, you can try connecting your computer or your other wireless devices to other wireless networks (coffee shop WiFi, etc.).

    D)Wireless MAC Filter enabled on the router
    Most Linksys routers have Wireless MAC Filter feature. This limits the number of wireless clients that will be allowed to connect to the wireless network.

    Outdated router firmware
    Firmware updates fix bug issues on a router. If all of your wireless computers and devices are having problems connecting to the wireless network, you may need to update the router’s firmware. To learn how to update the firmware of the Linksys router, click here.
    NOTE:Updating the firmware on a Linksys router might require resetting to factory defaults. You need to either back up your router settings or reconfigure the router after the Reset procedure. If you need help in reconfiguring the network settings of your router, choose from any of the following Internet connection types to learn how.


Written by Sue English
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