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  • Plug the Linksys range extender into a power outlet. Press and hold the Reset button located on the back of the extender for 10-15 seconds. You may need to use a paperclip or small screwdriver to press and hold the button. Press the Power button on the back of the extender to restart the extender.

  • For Resetting The Linksys Extender You Need to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds while its on.
    Lights on The Extender will automatically go off and back on Which confirm the reset of extender now all settings will be factory default.

  • Press the reset pinhole button of the Linksys re7000 extender for 30 seconds while it’s plugged into the wall socket and that’s how you are able to reset your extender to the default settings

Written by Carlos Papion
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