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  • What is the importance of changing the router’s administrator password?
    The router’s administrator password is used to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the web-based setup page of your router and changing any of its settings. It is recommended to change the administrator password to avoid unwanted access.
    Linksys routers use “admin” as the default administrator password. All the computers and some wireless mobile devices such as tablets that are connected to the router have the capability of accessing the web-based setup page. There may be instances when you have changed and forgotten (or lost) your router’s administrator password. To reset it to the default administrator password, you will need to reset the router to factory default settings. For instructions, click here.
    NOTE: The wireless network password that you use to connect devices to the network is different from the router administration password.
    Changing the Linksys router’s administrator password
    Step 1:
    Access the router’s web-based setup page. To do this, open a web browser and enter the IP Address of the router on the Address bar then press [Enter].
    Step 2:
    A prompt will appear asking for your User Name and Password. Enter your login credentials to access your router’s web-based setup page.
    Step 3:
    Click on the Administration tab. Enter the new password in both the Router Password and Re-enter to confirm fields.
    Step 4:
    Click Save Settings and click the Continue button on the next page.
    When asked to enter your login credentials, enter the new password you created earlier to ensure that you have successfully changed your Linksys router’s administrative password.
    NOTE: The number of dots you can see on the Router Password field is fixed regardless of the number of characters your password has.
    After successfully changing your router’s administrator password, you can now start securing the wireless network. Click the links below for instructions:
    Setting up WEP, WPA or WPA2 wireless security​
    Disabling SSID Broadcast on a Linksys router
    Once your connection is secured, you can connect your wireless devices at home to fully utilize your router. Click the link of the device that you want to connect to the network:

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