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  • Firmware is a security software of your router tat should be update always. In order to update the linksys firmware first login http://www.linksyssmartwifi.com using your PC, Cellphone after enter username and password go to advance >>administration and click on firmware update good to go. After the update router will be reboot once.

  • Firstly you need to confirm these things to upgrade the firmware :
    >Use the hardwired computer not wireless to have a stable internet connection.
    >Make sure to choose the correct firmware and version of the computer.
    >If the linksys website doesn’t work you can try another browser or another computer.

    Now to upgrade the router firmware.
    Open the web browser and type at the top in address bar and Press Enter.
    When you see the login page type your default username and password if you have not changed it.
    Then in your router settings Click Administrator>advanced settings>firmware upgrade.
    Now locate and Open the file on your computer and click Start Upgrade or on some devices it will say Upgrade only.
    Do not turn off the computer and the internet in process of upgrading.
    Just wait for few minutes and click on Continue when the upgrade is successful.
    Then just turn off the router and turn it back On once.

    Your router firmware should be upgraded now.

Written by Boyd Spearman
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