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  • If your Linksys RE6300’s light is Solid Orange / Red, unplug the extender and move it closer to the router. If it is flashing red, unplug the extender then move it closer to the router and then reconnect the extender to your network.


  • If the Link LED on the Wireless Range Extender lights up red, this indicates that there is no wireless connection between the Linksys Wireless Range Extender and the Wireless Router or Access Point. To fix this, you must be using the latest firmware for your router or access point.
    Reset it once and you will see the orange blinking light which means it is in setup mode.
    Then you can try all the steps again you did earlier to set it up.
    It will be good to go.

    If still you are facing any issues with you device you are free to call us on our Toll Free No.>1800-810-8012

    Thank You.


Written by HARRY POPE
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