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  • Connect using a web browser. When you are first configuring your router, connect it to a computer via Ethernet cable. This will ensure that you are not disconnected if changes are made to the wireless network. Open any web browser and enter in the router’s address into the address bar.
    Virtually all Linksys routers can be access by entering the address
    Enter your username and password. When you try to access the router from the web, you will be asked for the username and password for your router. These vary from router to router, but the defaults should be listed in your documentation. If you can’t find it, you can reset the router to factory settings and then look up the router model online.
    Most default usernames are “admin”. and PASSWORD- admin

    Give your network a name. In the Basic Wireless Settings section, there will be a field labeled “Wireless Network Name (SSID)”. This is the name of your network, which will appear in the list of available networks for your wireless devices. Make sure you don’t give out any personal information, as anyone can see this name.
    Secure your network. Click the “Wireless Security” section to open up your wireless security options. Here you will be able to set the security encryption type and password.
    Security Mode – Set this to WPA2 if possible. This is the latest for of encryption, and the most secureZway you can protect your network. Note: not all older devices support WPA2+PSK
    Save the settings and your router is good to go.

Written by larry_2
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