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  • 1. Find an optimal setup location between your wireless router and
    your wireless dead zone.
    2. Connect your PC or Tablet to the Range Extender
    a.Attach the included antenna.
    b.Plug the Range Extender into
    a power outlet.
    c. Connect to the Range Extender’s
    Wi-Fi network: Amped_REC10
    3. Open your web browser
    4.Welcome to the Dashboard
    The Dashboard will provide you with the current
    status of the Range Extender.
    Click Scan to find available networks to extend.
    5. Scan for a Home Network to Extend
    Highlight and select the Wi-Fi network
    that you wish to extend.

    Click Next to continue.
    If you do not see your desired wireless network,
    move the Range Extender closer to the router and
    scan again as it may be out of range.
    Recommended Signal
    Select the Wi-Fi network with
    a signal strength greater than 70%
    for the most reliable connection
    6.Home Network Security Settings (if necessary)
    If your Home Network has security enabled,
    you will need to enter the key.
    Click Next to continue.
    7. Configure Settings for your Extended Network
    The ID of your Extended Network is:
    If you choose to “Clone” the settings from your
    Home Network, the wizard will copy the SSID and
    security key of your Home Network.
    The SSID of the Extended Network will have a
    “_RE” at the end of its name. For example:
    You can also manually enter a new network ID
    and security key. The new security key must be
    at least 8 characters long.
    Click Next to apply the settings.
    8.Connect to the new Extended Network
    During the countdown process, the Range
    Extender will reboot and disconnect the Wi-Fi
    connection. At this point, you will need to
    reconnect your PC or tablet to the new
    Extended Network. Follow the instructions on
    the screen to connect to the Extended Network.
    Once you have connected, click the check box
    to confirm. The Next button will appear
    allowing you to complete the setup process.
    If there are problems with your configuration, the
    setup wizard will inform you to rescan for a network
    to extend.
    If there are no problems, you will see the Setup
    Summary page below.
    9. Setup Summary
    Congratulations, the Range Extender is now
    successfully configured. Your settings are now
    You may also attach any wired network devices
    to the wired port on the bottom of the Range

Written by Livio Trombetta
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