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  • You need to Reset the Dlink Router and need to setup the device again.
    To Reset, Press and hold the reset button with a paperclip for 20 seconds while power is ON.
    Then connect an Ethernet cable between Router and your laptop and access the Web-Based Setup.

    Accessing the web-based setup page of the DLink Router

    Step 1:
    Access the router’s web-based setup page. Open any web browser and enter in the address bar then press [Enter].
    Step 2:
    You will be asked for your login details. Leave the User name field blank and enter “admin” in the Password field then click OK.

    Now you are on DLink Router homepage.

    Keep note of your passwords and follow the instruction to finish setup.
    Now close your web browser and confirm from other device that router is connected.

    It will now start giving you wireless network, so unplug the cable and connect wireless with new network and password just defined by you.

Written by Lawrence
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