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Hi I have a TP link extender mode no TL-WA850RE(UK). I bought this more than 1 year ago and connected with EE broadband now I changed the broadband to Talktalk broadband  and I don't know how to connect it with talk talk broadband. could you please help me. Thanks


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  • To setup Tplink TL-WA850RE(UK) range extender follow these steps:-
    >Plugin the range extender into the wall socket near to your home router for the initial setup.
    *If you made any change on the extender before or changed your broadband then reset the extender by pressing reset pin hole button for at least 30 seconds.
    >Once the lights get stable on extender connect any of your wireless device with tplink extender’s wireless network.
    >Open any browser and in the address bar type or or
    >Now you will see the setup wizard in the page, follow the instructions to setup the range extender
    >If you want you can change the name of extended network and password of your choice that you want for it.
    >Now save the settings and range extender will reboot after saving the settings.
    >Once extender lights get solid connect your devices to the extended network and try to go online so that we can check that extender setup done successfully.

  • #To setup your Tplink TL-WA850RE kindly follow these steps:-
    -Plug in your extender in to the wall socket
    -Press the reset button/Pin hole on your extender for 10 seconds .
    -Wait Till the time all lights on you extender are back again.
    -Now you can connect your computer with the extended network.
    -Once connected with network open the Default IP of your extender i.e192.168.1.254
    -Now follow the steps and set up your extender with the existing network
    -Once configured You can took your extender to the place where you would like to use it
    -Connect your devices with the extended network .

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