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Tp Link Is Not Working With New Printer

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  • You can try these steps to connect the printer.
    1. Reset the printer to its default settings and run the wireless setup wizard to connect.
    2.You can run the wizard from front panel or through a computer by connecting the printer with the USB Cable.
    3.Make sure your printer is atleast 5 feet away from the router.
    4.You can also connect it by pressing WPS button if your router/printer supports this function.But this is in case when USB and Wizard option is not available.
    5. Set your router to a fixed wireless channel.
    5. The router must have the 2.4G SSID band enabled with a different name than your 5.0G SSID band in your router.
    6.Make sure that the IpV6 is disabled in the printer.

    If still there is an problem connecting you can contact our technicians.
    Toll free no: 1800-810-8012

    Thank You

Written by Scott Biscione
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