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  • How to setup BELKIN EXTENDER F9K1015V1 is the correct question i believe?

    For new Belkin Extender F9K1015V1.
    Just press the WPS on your router/modem first for 1-2 seconds, then press the WPS on Belkin Extender for 3-5 seconds.
    Now wait for 2 minutes.
    The difference in light color and pattern will confirm its connection.

    For Used/ old Belkin Extender: If its an used Belkin Extender then first reset it using a paper clip to press the reset button in a tiny hole for 30 seconds.
    Now its brand new, or by default one.
    Wait for 2 minutes after reset then proceed further as setup New Belkin Extender.

    Its now extending your home network with same password as of your home wifi.

    1. During setup, make sure that the Belkin Extender is placed within 7-10 feet from Router, at the time of setup, or in the same room.
    2. Two minutes patience is the Critical Time that make the difference between success and failure in Setup.
    3. Best of luck

  • #To setup your BELKIN EXTENDER F9K1015V1 kindly follow these steps:-
    -Plug in your extender in to the wall socket
    -Press the reset button/Pin hole on your extender for 10 seconds .
    -Wait Till the time all lights on you extender are back again.
    -Now you can connect your computer with the extended network.
    -Once connected with network open the Default IP of your extender
    -Now follow the steps and set up your extender with the existing network
    -Once configured You can took your extender to the place where you would like to use it
    -Connect your devices with the extended network .
    -Still facing any issues you can call us at 1800-810-8012 and ask for help.

  • In order to configure the Belkin range extender F9K1015V1 you need to follow the instructions below:
    > plug in your extender near to the router for the initial setup at least 10 feets
    > Press the WPS button on the router for 3 -4 seconds and then on the Extender for 3- 4 Seconds
    > Once you see the light stops flashing on the extender it means the extender is set up now
    Step 2
    > Connect your computer wireless to the extended network
    > pull up a browser and at the very top type in
    > You will get through the setup wizard for your Belkin Extender
    > click on get started and run the setup, Follow the instructions to complete the setup

Written by Darleen
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