How to connect hp printer with linksys router

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unable to connect hp printer

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  • Step 1:
    Launch the Linksys Connect. To do this, go to Start > All Programs > Linksys Connect. For Mac® computers, access Go > Applications and then start Linksys Connect.

    Step 2:
    On the main Linksys Connect window, select Computers and devices.

    Step 3:
    In the Computers and other devices screen, select Printer.

    Step 4:
    Select Wireless Printer.

    Step 5:
    On the Connecting a wireless printer screen, you will find the wireless settings of your router. Take note of these settings and do not close this window yet.

    The wireless settings include:
    Network name (SSID) – the name of your wireless network
    Security Key – the wireless password or passphrase
    Security Type – the type of encryption your network uses
    Step 6:
    Go to your printer and enter the wireless settings that Linksys Connect displayed on your computer. After entering the wireless details on your printer, click Next on the Linksys Connect window.

    QUICK TIP: Refer to your wireless printer’s documentation or manufacturer’s online support for instructions on how to enter the wireless settings on your printer.

    Step 7:
    To confirm that your wireless printer has been detected, you should be directed to the Name your printer screen. Enter your preferred name in the field provided then click Finish.

    You should have successfully connected your printer now. To know if your wireless printer is properly connected and installed to the computer, try printing a document. If it doesn’t print the document properly, try following the troubleshooting tips below.
    If you get the Wireless printer not found screen, follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue. To learn more on how to resolve this error message, click here.
    Verify that the wireless settings you set on the printer exactly match those on the router.
    Remove old networks stored on your printer. Check your printer’s manual to learn how to do this.
    Power cycle the computer, router, and printer before going through the setup again.

    If you are still unable to connect your printer to the network, isolate the problem by connecting other devices or computers. If they connect successfully, there might be other settings that you need to configure on the printer. You may contact your printer’s manufacturer or refer to the documentation for assistance.

  • To connect a wireless printer, you need to know your router’s wireless settings. These will be used to synchronize the printer’s network settings with that of your router and create a wireless connection between them.
    Your wireless printer must support the WPA™/WPA2™ wireless encryption standard.
    Your Linksys router must be working properly.
    You have Linksys Connect installed on the computer you’re working on.
    Ensure that your wireless printer is only about 3-10 feet away from the router when setting up the wireless connection.
    Your printer’s software and drivers should be installed on the computer that you’re working on. Refer to your printer’s documentation for instructions.

  • To set up an HP printer on wireless with your Linksys Router you need to follow some instructions:-
    On the printer control panel touch wifi icon and then touch the wireless menu icon
    Touch wireless setting, then touch wireless setup wizard
    The printer will search for wireless networks
    Touch the name of your wireless network and click next
    Type your password and click connect
    Once its connected go to your computer
    Open any internet browser and go to and
    Install drivers will give you installation option
    Select wireless and hit next
    It will show you your network name select it and hit next
    Now it will install the network printer on the computer

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