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How do i configure my belkin F7v7602v1 cameras?

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  • You can set up your Belkin camera on both the devices i.e laptop and ios cell. I will share both the methods here.
    For your laptop:-
    1. Download the software package
    2.Double-click the software package. The setup wizard will pop up.
    3. Follow the setup wizard to install the Belkin Camera Control.
    4. When the installation is completed, the Belkin Camera Control shortcut will appear on
    your computer desktop.
    5.Double-click the icon. The Login page will pop up.
    6.Create a new account and log in
    7. The Belkin Control screen will pop up
    8. Connect your cameras to the network your computer is on.
    9. Go to the Devices → New Devices page. The system will automatically discover the
    cameras on your network.
    10. Click or double-click each entry, and enter the camera’s password (admin by default)
    to add your cameras one by one.
    now camera setup is done on your laptop.
    For your ios cell:-
    1. install the Belkin camera app from the app store.
    2. after installation Log into the Belkin Camera App
    3. tap the “Settings” Cog on the right.
    4. Tap on Firmware, if there is a new Firmware the camera will begin to upgrade to it.


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