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  • In order to set Parental control on a Dlink router please follow the instructions below:
    > Make sure the computer is connected to the Dlink router via Ethernet or Wireless
    > Click on the Advanced tab.
    > Select the Access Control option on the left.
    > Check the box next to Enable Access Control and click on Add Policy.
    > Choose a Policy Name :
    You can name it anything like bedtime or maybe go to sleep.
    > Establish Schedule Rules
    Do you always want your restrictions to run or should they only switch on during a particular time period? You can create a schedule for your network shut down by selecting the “Define a new schedule” option and clicking the “Next” button. You’re going to jump out of the Access Control configuration screen to create this access schedule.
    > Select Devices
    picking which systems these restrictions should apply to, which you’ll do on the “Select Machine” screen. I recommend that you select network devices using their MAC address because your router could be assigning different IP addresses to different devices over time
    > Choose a Filtering Method
    You can set a filtering method that blocks all network access at once. But if you’re feeling lenient, you can also just blacklist particular sites via the “Website Filter” option on the left-hand sidebar of your router’s Advanced Configuration menu while using Access Control settings to limit network connections might not have the same satisfying feeling as pulling cords on your router at 11 o’clock each night, it’s a lot more convenient. And it ensures that you and other trusted users on your network can keep on surfing and be downloading while others sit in the Internet equivalent of the time-out.

Written by guadalupe puentes
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