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  • You can follow these steps to setup your Tplink RE200 Range Extender:-
    >Plugin Tplink range extender into the wall socket nearby to your home router for the initial setup.
    >Press the WPS button on your extender and hold it down for 3-5 seconds.
    >Within the 1 minute press WPS button on your home router.
    >Wait for the extender lights get stable and now try to connect any of your wireless devices with extended network.
    *If you want to connect your range extender with 5GHz network then repeat the same steps once again.

  • 1.Plug your RE200 into a power outlet near your wireless router or AP.
    2.Use an Ethernet cable to connect your RE200 to your PC. If Ethernet connection is not available, please connect the Tplink extender wireless network (default network name is TP-LINK_Extender
    3. NOW Log into the Web RE200 using its default IP: or its domain name: tplinkextender.net or tplinkrepeater.net.

  • First of all You Need To Plug The Extender To The Wall Range Should Be around 15 meter Just For The Initial Setup . Lights On the Extender Will Start Blinking.
    Now Connect Ethernet Cable From The LAN Port Of The Range extender To The Computer/Laptop LAN Port.
    Make Sure Your Computer Is Connected Through The WIFI Of Main Router Which You Want To Be Connected To The Extender.
    Now Just Search In The Address Bar Where URL Is Written On The Browser(Example google chrome internet explorer) In the Form https//www.gooogle.com .Clear Each Everything And Type Just “tplinkrepeater.net” No www or https or Anything Before It.
    You will get The Setup Page Follow The Simple Instruction And Use Recommended Setting By TP-Link If You Are new User Or Doesn’t Know The Technical Procedure.
    After Finishing The Setup Unplug The LAN Cable and use it Wireless.

  • # First you need to plug your RE200 into the power outlet near to wireless router or AP .
    # Then you need an Ethernet cable to connect your RE200 to your PC.
    # IF the Ethernet connection is not available, you can also connect the the RE200 with wireless network.
    #It will show like Default Network name TP-LINK_Extender , No password required via PC /ipad/Phone
    #Connect your device to extender’s network .
    #Open your Browser.
    #Type http://tplinkrepeater.net or / in address bar.
    #You need to login now with default login:-Username-admin /Password-admin.
    #Setup wizard will guide you through setup..

  • In order to configure the TPLINK range extender RE200 you need to follow the instructions below:
    > plug in your extender near to the router for the initial setup within 10 feets
    > Press the WPS button on the router for 3 -4 seconds and then on the Extender for 3- 4 Seconds
    > Once you see the light stopped flashing on the extender it means the extender is set up now
    Step 2
    > Connect your computer wireless to the extended network
    > pull up the browser and at the very top type in or
    > You will get through a login window default username: admin and the Password: admin
    > click on quick setup and Continue, Follow the instructions to complete the setup

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