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  • Well if the Linksys range extender is not working you would need to reset the extender, Press and hold the reset button on the extender for 30 seconds. Wait for the extender to start blinking green.
    Setup the range extender again and it should work for you then.

  • Follow these setups to setup your linksys range extender:-
    *Press the reset button on the extender and hold it down for 30 seconds while it’s plugged in.
    >Place the Linksys range extender nearby to your home router and power it on for the initial setup.
    >Press the WPS button on your extender and hold it down for 3-5 seconds.
    >Within the 1-minute press WPS button on your home router.
    >Wait for the extender lights get stable and now try to connect any of your wireless devices with the extended network.
    *If you want to connect your range extender with 5GHz network then repeat the same steps once again.

Written by stephen Hilliard
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