How to setup a Tplink Router?

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How to setup a Tplink Router?

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  • In order to setup your TP-Link router follow the steps given below:
    > Connect a cable from your modem’s LAN port to the internet port of the router
    > Connect your computer wireless to the routers default SSID or via Ethernet cable
    > Pull up a browser and at the top on the address bar type in and hit enter
    > you will come through your router login screen default username: admin and Password: admin
    > setup page will come up, Follow the instruction to complete the setup
    Note: It should be Dynamic Ip and do not clone the MAC of the computer.

  • You can follow these steps to setup your Tplink Archer C50 router:-
    >If you made any changes then press the reset button of the router for 30 seconds while it’s powered on.
    >Now you need to wait for the router lights to get stable.
    >Once the lights get stable connect any one of your wireless or wired devices with your router and do the setup process again by following the instructions given in steps.
    >After completion of setup reboot your router and then after the lights get stable try to go online so that we come to know router setup done correctly.
    If you still face any issues, do write us back so that we can help you with that.
    >Once router lights get solid connect your devices to the router network and try to go online so that we can check that setup done successfully.

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from your tp link archer c50 to the computer
    Now open the web utility by entering the default ip address of it i.e
    You need to login to your router by entering the default username and password I.E admin both.
    Now select your wireless network and enter the key for it and give a new name to your router and save all tHe settings
    Your router reboots now for making of all the settings.
    Remove the ethernet cable from the router or connect with your wifi.
    Connect your devices with router network and enjoy the internet.

Written by Robert258841
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