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  • In order to setup Sony SMP N200 player with your Linksys range extender please follow the instructions below:
    > Connect to your TV to the Sony SMP n200 with an HDMI cable For a high-definition TV Or For a standard-definition TV using Audio / Video Cable.
    > Connect the AC adapter and AC power cord and then insert the plug into the AC outlet and turn it ON Press to turn on the player using the green button on the remote
    > Turn on the TV and set it to the input source that the player is connected to. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the basic settings using Arrow Keys and (ENTER).
    > Check your network name and connect it to the Linksys extenders wifi, If security is set on your network connection, check your security key (password).
    > For details on the wireless settings of your router, please visit the following website, and then enter the model name of your player (SMP-N200 or SMP-NX20). http://esupport.sony.com/
    After the software update, turn on the player again.
    If is displayed on the home menu, select it.
    Register your player online to stream movies, TV shows and music.
    > Press HOME, and select “Activate Enhanced Features” from “Network” to obtain your registration code
    >Visit http://www.internet.sony.tv with your PC and follow the instructions to access existing Sony Style account or create a
    new one
    >Now you are ready to enjoy a variety of movies, TV shows, videos, music and more with the Sony Entertainment Network. Selecting premium services may require additional activation and fees.

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