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  • To configure Dlink Dir859 router as an access point you need to follow these steps:-
    > You need to plug in a cable from your existing Router to internet port of your router.
    > After connecting the cable connect a cable from port no-4 of your router to your computer. then follow these steps:
    > Open your browser and at the very top on the address bar type in and hit enter.
    > the default password is: admin
    > that will open a setup wizard for you so follow the steps and complete the setup
    > while following the setup wizard kindly make sure the settings you are choosing is correct i.e time zone and wireless network name and wireless password
    > kindly upgrade the router firmware as well if there is an update pending.

    Now once the setup is done go to the settings and click on Network
    Change the default Ip from to
    save the new Ip address and wait until it connects you back to the router settings
    once connected back go to the settings and then networks.
    under network click on advanced settings and then disable the DHCP configuration and save it.
    once it is done unplug the ethernet cable from the computer and the Dlink Router
    The cable that was connected to the internet port of your Dlink router from your Existing Router you disconnect it from there and plug it into port number 1 2 3 4 any one of these.
    Reboot the existing router and the Dlink it will start working as an access point.

Written by wesley hodge
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