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  • The default IP address for an Amped Router is, and after teh setup is complete the router itself assigns a new IP address to the extender however if you want to assign a static IP of your own choice, yes we can assign a static Ip address to the extender to the amped extender after it is setup wit the router. Please follow the instruction below to see how to change it.
    > Logon to the router dashboard and go into the DHCp Client List or Connected devices
    > look for your extender name
    > Click on it and click on edit or assign a IP address
    > Enter the new Ip address that you want to assign and hit save
    reboot the Router and extender and it should be good to go
    you can also change it during the Extender setup.

  • The default ip address of amped extender is or you can use https://www.setup.ampedwireless.com .

    Yes we can assign a static IP address to a apmed extender . To assign your extender a static ip address follow the following steps :-
    1. connect your range extender to your regular WiFi network (network you want to extend).
    2. open a browser on your computer and make login to your router .
    3.Go to the attach devices on your router and check the IP address of your extender .
    4. Right click on extender IP and click on edit .
    5.Now give the IP address to your extender that you want to keep .
    6. Save the changes .
    7. After saving the changes reboot both your router and extender and you are good to go .

Written by Laura Bond
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