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  • If the internet is not working on your netgear Router please follow the instructions below:
    > First try to reset the router , Press and hold the reset button down for 30 seconds
    > Wait for at least 2 minutes the let the router boot up and then try to configure the router again manually
    > if still the router is not working
    > Check the cable connection between your modem and the router
    > check for a latest firmware on the netgear router
    > power cycle the modem , router and the computer

  • Call your ISP to Make sure there is no external Issue.

    ^ Try to Unplug the main internet cable from modem and then turn it Off.

    ^ Now plug back the main cable and reboot the modem after 5 minutes.

    ^ Now check all the devices working fine or not.

    If Problem Remain same: call Toll Free 1800 180 8012.

Written by laura reid
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