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  • please follow the instruction below to setup your extender using your smart phone:

    Please go into the setting > Wifi on your phone
    connect to the default SSID or Wifi Name of your Tplink extender
    Pull up a browser on your phone and at the very top on the address bar type in and hit enter
    you will get to the setup page of your Tplink extnder
    initiate the setup Once complete
    Connect your phone to the Tplink extender and its Done

  • To setup Tplink re200 range extender follow these steps:-
    >Plugin the range extender into the wall socket near to your home router for the initial setup.
    *If you made any change on the extender before, then reset the extender by pressing reset button for at least 20 seconds.
    >Connect your cell phone with tplink extender wireless network.
    >Open any browser and in the address bar type or or http://tplinkrepeater.net
    >Now you will see the setup wizard in the page, follow the instructions to setup the range extender
    >If you want you can change the name of extended network and password of your choice that you want for it.
    >Now save the settings and range extender will reboot after saving the settings.
    >Once extender lights get solid connect your devices to the extended network and try to go online so that we can check that extender setup done successfully.

Written by Andrew gregory
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