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  • the question is complete, please mention the make and model for your extender. However, the setup process for all the extender is almost same, so i will try to give you an Idea how to setup an extender:
    > plug in your extender to the power near to the router maybe by 10 feets
    > Connect your Computer wireless or hardwired to the extender
    > pull up command prompt > Type in IPCONFIG
    > Copy the default gateway address
    > pull up a browser and at the top on the address bar type in the default address
    > you should get to the setup screen follow the instructions and complete the setup

    Or just press and hold the WPS button on the extender for 3 seconds and within 1 minute press and hold the WPS button on the router for 3 seconds, once you see the WPS light on the extender goes from blinking to solid it means the setup is complete.

Written by Meredith Brdley
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