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  • If you are not able to connect your computer back to tplink Wifi, Please follow the instructions below:
    > Go to the wireless settings on the computer
    > Go to manage known Networks
    > Click on your wifi network that you were trying to connect to, then click on remove or forget network.
    > Go to the available Wifi network list and connect to the network using the password.

    In case this does not help try these steps below:
    > Go to Device manager
    > Go to Network Adapters and look for the wireless LAN adapter right click on it and Update automatically
    > Reboot the computer and then try to connect to the network.
    > if still no Luck go back to device manager and network adapter , Wireless Lan Adapter right click on it and uninstall driver click on YES
    > Reboot the computer and try to connect
    > If still not working it means you are putting in the Wrong password.
    > Reset the router to setup a new password and then try to connect to the network

  • Well in that case you need to check first are you able to connect other devices from tp link wifi or not ?
    If yes , then you need to forget the network settings in pc
    Then reconnect with tp link wifi and it should work for you.
    Still if you are facing any issues while making the connections then you need to reset the wireless adapter.
    Restart your pc and then try to connect it back again.

Written by Diane Barnes
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