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  • Plug your extender into power socket . Avoid surge protector /Extensions !
    You need to reset the extender so hold the reset button on extender for 25 seconds and release it.
    1-Connect your device to extender’s network .
    2-Open your Browser.
    3-Type http://tplinkrepeater.net or / in address bar.
    4-You need to login now with default login:-Username-admin /Password-admin.
    5-Setup wizard will guide you through setup.

  • If the Tplink Extender is not working , try to do the following steps:
    > Make sure the Extender is plugged in near to the router for the initial Setup maybe by 6- 10 feets
    > First try to reset the Extender , Press and hold the reset button down for 30 seconds
    > Wait for at least 2 minutes then let the Extender boot up
    > Once the Extender is booted up a pull up browser on the computer
    > Logon to http://tplinkrepeater.net or or
    > The default username: admin and Password: admin
    > Follow the setup instruction to complete the setup
    Note: Please make sure the extender is not plugged in to any power serge protector, extensions it should be directly into a wall socket.

  • Press the wps button on your router and extender at the same time.
    Now once the light on your extender is solid blue from blinking it means your extender is connected .
    You will see the name of your extender same as of your router but with ext affixed in it.
    Now open the extender page and made the necessary changes according to yourself.

Written by Zach
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