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  • – Check for a firmware update.
    – Move your extender and find the best spot.
    – You can place your extender 20 -25 feet away from the router.
    – Adjust the antennas on both router and extender

  • In order to fix the connectivity issue with your Tplink Extender follow the instructions below:
    > Login into your Extender Dashboard
    > See if you have any latest firmware update available if YES do it
    > Make sure the distance between your extender and router is not exceeded more then 25 to 30 feets
    > Reset the extender and reconfigure it
    > Power cycle the modem or the router means turn off the modem and the router for 10 minutes and then turn them back on again.

  • Check out for the new firmware version or manually upgrade the firmware of it.
    Now change the channels to 10,11 and apply all the settings.
    Try to place your extender at the best place from your router
    It will resolve your issues.

Written by Carlos Pelaez
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