What is LiFi and when can we expect it in operational state.

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  • Lifi is an evolutionary step to take wireless data transfer to next level using Light. Lifi technology stands for Light Fidelity. LiFi system is capable of transmitting data through visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiations. Lifi system can use regular LED light bulb to emit data on extreme speed upto 224 gigabits per second. LiFi LED bulb’s light can be dimmed below human eye visibility and it can still be able to transmit data.
    Wifi sysytems use radio frequency to transmit data which has its own limitations working on low bandwidth than LiFi, makes Wifi slower than LiFi. On the other hand, light waves cannot penetrate through the walls makes LiFi coverage limited to very short range than WiFi.
    LiFi system is already available in couple of countries by the name of PURELiFi, but it will take another couple of years to acquire retail market over WIFI.

  • LiFi is a technology used for the communication between wireless devices. It transmits and receives data with the help of LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes)
    LiFi provides more data transmission rate as compared to WiFi.
    We can expect it in the operational state when LEDs are ON or emitting light, we are not able to use it if Lights are OFF or having darkness.

  • Li-Fi uses common household LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs to enable data transfer, boasting speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second. Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are quite similar as both transmit data electromagnetically. However, Wi-Fi uses radio waves, while Li-Fi runs on visible light.
    Its already in Operational state since November 2014

  • – Wireless through Visible Light.
    – Oledcomm has launched first LiFi Table Lamp(MYLiFi).
    – Dubai is the first country to have been integrated with LiFi.
    – It may be available for everyone by next year(2019).

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