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  • To login to your router main page kindly follow these steps:-
    1. Press windows + R key that will open run window for you.
    2. Type CMD in the run box.
    3. Open Ipconfig and check network statistics.
    4. Open your default gateway in any browser.
    5. Type your user name and password .
    6. It will open router main page for you.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.


  • In order to login to the router login page for your Archer c59 Tplink router please follow the instruction below:
    > Make sure the computer is connected to the Tplink either on the Wi-Fi or via ethernet cable
    > pull up CMD on your computer and type in IPCONFIG
    > you will see a Default gateway address Copy that number
    > pull up a browser and on the address bar type in the number and hit enter it should take you to the login screen for your TPlink Router C59
    > the default username : admin and the password : admin
    > if you are still not able to get to the login page please reset the router and reconfigure it.


  • You need to visit to access TP-link router page.

    If you are not able to access it make sure-

    – You are connected to your router Wirelessly or Wired to PC.
    – No other connection should be connected. If wired make sure you disable the WiFi and Vice -Versa.
    – If still not working then bypass the modem and Keep your router hardwired with PC.
    – Now try to access the TP-Link router page using
    – You can reset your router by holding the reset button for 10-13 seconds.
    – Try again to set up and access router page.


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