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  • Press WPS on the router for 3 seconds.
    Press WPS on the extender for 3 seconds.
    Wait for 2-3 minutes.
    Make sure when setting up the extender it should be plugged near to your router.

  • In order to configure the range extender you need to follow the instructions below:
    > plug in your extender near to the router for the initial setup within 10 feets
    > Press the WPS button on the router for 3 -4 seconds and then on the Extender for 3- 4 Seconds
    > Once you see the light stopped flashing on the extender it means the extender is setup now
    Step 2
    > Connect your computer wireless to the extended network
    > pull up browser and at the very top type in or
    > You will get through a login window default username: admin and the Password : admin
    > click on quick setup and Continue , Follow the instructions to complete the setup

Written by Paul Newkirk
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