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  • if you have connectivity issues with your TV using your Tplink Router,. please follow the instruction below:
    > > Login into your Router Dashboard
    > See if you have any latest firmware update available if YES do it
    > Check he cable between the modem and the router and see if there are any cracks on the cable if yes change the cable
    > Reset the router and re-setup the router and reconnect your TV to the router
    > Power cycle the modem and the router means turn off the modem and the router for 10 minutes and then turn them back on again

  • Login to your router and change the channel for 2.4GHz to 11 and for 5G to 153. Save the settings.
    Restart your smart tv before connecting.
    Try resetting the TV settings.
    If your 5G network is providing good range then always use 2.4

Written by Gordon Brodie
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