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  • If you are not able to login into the Settings of the extender, please follow the instructions below:
    There are 2 scenarios :
    first: you trying to setup the extender for the first time
    second : its already setup but you want to make some changes to the extender settings
    First Scenario :
    > Connect you computer to the extender wireless or via ethernet cable
    > Pull up a browser and at the top on the address bar type in https://www.extender.linksys.com or and hit enter
    > you will get to the setup wizard for your extender.

    Second Scenario :
    > pull up your router setting page
    > go to client list or connected device
    > look for your extender name in the list
    > Copy the assigned IP address to the extender
    > Pull up a new tab on the browser and type in the Copied Ip address for the extender and hit enter
    > it will ask your for your password , however if you know the password good or else you can try the default password: admin.
    you should be in


Written by bill campolong
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