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  • Thanks for sharing your concern , first of all you need to power cycle your modem and router for 2 -3 minutes .
    Once the internet is back again you can access the router web based page and change the channels to 10 or 11.
    Check for new firmware version if any available that will fix your router bugs .
    Reboot your router after that and you will see the amazing change in the internet speed.

  • In order to fix the connectivity issue with your Tplink router follow the instructions below:
    > Login into your Router Dashboard
    > See if you have any latest firmware update available if YES do it
    > Clone the MAC address of the computer on the router
    > Disable the Wireless protected setup (WPS) on the router
    > Check he cable between the modem and the router and see if there are any cracks on the cable if yes change the cable
    > Reset the router and re-setup the router
    > Power cycle the modem and the router means turn off the modem and the router for 10 minutes and then turn them back on again

Written by Joseph Scuba Dad
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