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  • In order to setup a TP-Link EAP225 Access Point, Follow the steps below:
    > Plug in the AP to the power to the location where you want to use it.
    > Connect a cable from the LAN port of your Router to teh Access point
    > On your computer pull up a browser and at the very top on the address bar put in and hit enter
    > You will get a to a login screen the default username : admin and the default Password : admin
    > You will get into the dashboard of your Tplink Access point change the name of the ssid and the password
    > Save the settings once its done
    > connect your devices to the new name and password and it’s done.

  • To setup Tp Link as access point with verizon kindly follow these steps:-
    1.Log into the main page of your device.
    2.Click the Mode button on the upper-right corner, select Access Point and click Save. Your device will reboot to make your changes take effect, and please do NOT operate during the process.
    3. Click Quick Setup on the top panel, then follow the step-by-step instructions of the Quick Setup to complete the configuration.
    4. Connect the wired router’s LAN port to the Ethernet port on your device with an Ethernet cable.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • – Connect your computer to Tplink AP using ethernet cable from router’s LAN port to PC ethernet port.
    – Now open your browser.
    – In the address bar type and enter.
    – The login page will appear.
    – Use admin to access the dashboard and make sure you write each information while setup.

Written by John Jay
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