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  • If your tp-link router login is not working or cannot access tplinkwifi.net you need to follow simple steps-
    – Make sure you are connected to your router hardwire or wirelessly.
    – Check all the cables connected properly)
    (Connect an ethernet cable from modem to router’s Internet port.)
    – Use IP address first to access router.
    – Use in the browser address bar.
    – Login with admin credentials.
    – Or setup screen will appear.
    – Follow the instruction and complete the setup or changes you want to make.

  • If the tplink router is not working after the reset , try to do the following steps:
    > First try to reset the router again, Press and hold the reset button down for 30 seconds
    > Wait for at least 2 minutes the let the router boot up and then try to configure the router again manually
    > if still the router is not working
    > press and hold teh reset button down for 30 seconds.
    > While holding the reset button unplug the router from the power and keep holding the reset button, wait for 30 seconds
    > plug in the router back to the power while holding the reset button and wait for 30 seconds and then release the reset button
    > wait for at least 5 minutes, once you see a solid power light and a solid wifi light reconfigure the router and it should work.

  • Reset the router by inserting the paperclip in reset pin hole of your router and hold it down for 15-20 seconds and then unplg it from the wall.
    Release the clip know and connect it back again.
    Now try to connect with your router again with default ip address i.e or http://www.tplinkwifi.net.
    Login with admin credentials i.e .-admin and admin and go for it.

  • To log in to your Tp link router main page kindly follow these steps:-
    make sure you are performing these steps on the device connected with Tp link routers network.
    1. Press windows + R key that will open run window for you.
    2. Type CMD in the run box.
    3. Open Ipconfig and check network statistics.
    4. Open your default gateway in any browser.
    5. Type your user name and password .
    If problem still persists kindly reset your device and re setup again.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

Written by Frank Pitts
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