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  • In order to configure your Hp printer via ethernet cable with your Tplink router, Please follow the instructions below:
    > Simply connect a Ethernet cable from the printer to the ethernet port of the router
    > Download and install the drivers for your printer on your computer
    > Make sure the printer the computer should be connected to the same network
    > do a test print and that should print

  • To setup your hp printer there are several ways i.e by usb cable , wps method or with the help of printer panel. you can connect your printer with ethernet cable then you can turn it into wireless device with the help of basic drivers.
    steps to connect your printer with your computer with usb cable :-
    1. turn on your printer and wait for few seconds.
    2. connect cable from your printer to computer.
    3. it will take some time as it will check updates and drivers automatically.
    4. wait for some time until you see the prompt your device has been successfully installed .
    5. just add the printer and you are good to go.
    steps to connect your hp printer:-(wireless setup)
    1. on your printer panel you need to press wi fi button then you will see a blinking
    light over there.
    2. then you need to go for wireless settings under settings you need to look for
    wireless setup wizard.
    3. your printer will search for available networks.
    4. select your network name and give the right password to it.
    5. click on connect it will be connected then you can print test wireless settings
    page .
    6. then you need to download software for your printer from official hp website.
    7. after downloading just follow the setup wizard and you are good to go now.
    (you can also connect your printer by wps method)

    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • You need to connect a ethernet cable from your router to printer.
    Now download and install the drivers for your printer .
    Your printer will get the ip address automatically.
    Your printer is ready to use now.

Written by javiermassi09
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