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  • As you have mentioned that you are connected with Tp link extender wireless network however there is no internet In this case you need to check few things here:-
    1. your extender should be in range of router.
    2. your extender should be properly configured.
    3.Reboot the cable modem.
    4.Reboot the router.
    5.Update the firmware of your router.
    6.Verify if signal is strong through the cable modem.
    If problem still persists kindly reset your extender with the help of a paper clip and re setup the device again.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • Like you said that that your tplink extender is connected but has no internet on it:
    > Please make sure the primary Wifi router and the extender are in range
    > Make your the setup you did for the range extender is right
    > try to reboot the extender and the router
    > Reset the extender and reconfigure it again

    Note : the range between the router and the extender should not exceed more than 25 feets

Written by Ron Fast
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