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  • In order to create a print server using a HP USB printer you would need to follow the steps below:
    > Connect a cable from your printer to the USB port of your router
    > Make sure you have installed Linksys Connect software on the computer
    > Also you need to make sure the drivers and software for the HP printer is installed on the computer.
    > once its done try to printer from your computer and other devices it should print
    Make sure the devices should be connected to the same network.

  • Creating a web server on your printer from router is very easy
    all you need to do is connect a cable from your router to the printer .
    Download the Linksys connect utility for your printer.
    Once the drivers got installed your printer will be installed and shared on the network.
    You can go ahead and try to make a print out now from any computer and peripheral device know.

Written by Terry Dixon
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