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  • In order to print from an I phone you need to follow the steps below:
    > first go to the settings of your printer and the go to setup and then go to Wifi direct setup and make sure it should be ON
    > On the paper work of your printer or if you look into the settings of the printer you will see a wifi password copy that password
    > Go to the settings in your phone go to Wifi you will see your printer wifi direct name select that it will ask you for a password
    > Enter the password and click join
    > pull up the data that you want to print go to share > print select your printer you will see your printer in the list select that and hit print.
    > your printer is now configured.

  • You need to forget the wifi on your iphone from which you would like to connect your printer.
    Now restart your iphone and reconnect your phone with wireless.
    Now make sure printer is online.
    Try to print something now and you will see your printer now.

Written by sns516
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