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  • To connect your smart tv with Linksys Ea 2600 kindly follow these steps:-
    1.Hit the Home button on your TV remote.
    2.Select Settings > Network > Network Connections.
    3.Select Wireless.
    4.Click Start Connection.
    5. now you will see all available networks at your place.
    6. connect to your router network.
    7. It will ask your wireless network passphrase so kindly enter it with the help of remote.
    8. click on connect and it might take few seconds in order to connect.
    now your tv is wirelessly connected with your router.
    you can connect your tv with the help of ethernet cable as well but your tv should have ethernet port for this.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • Make sure the wireless adapter of your TV is already working. Also, you need to know the wireless settings of your router before connecting your device to the network.
    On your remote, press the MENU button.
    Select Network > Network Settings.
    Select Network type > Wireless.
    Your Smart TV will then search for available wireless networks. Select your wireless network name (SSID) from the list.
    Enter your wireless network’s password or security key in the available field.
    Select Done.
    Your Smart TV will then try to connect to your wireless network. Once successful, click OK.
    Please feel free to call your tech support for assistance in doing the steps correctly and quickly by calling 1800-810-8012.

  • – You need to reset your TV network settings or reset it completely.
    – Change wireless channel to 11 for 2.4Ghz and 153 for 5GHz.

  • To connect the TV with your Linksys router you need to follow the steps below:
    > press the home button on the TV remote
    > go to the settings > Network > Wireless setup> Choose your network > Enter the wifi password
    > now your TV should be connected

    you can also connect your TV using the WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) , Start the PBC process on the TV and at the same time on the router press the WPS button for 3 -4 Seconds and TV will Connect

    You can also connect your TV using a Ethernet cable from the TV to the Router’

  • In that case you have to reset all the settings of your tv .
    Once everything is reseted configure all the settings again and connect your tv again with fresh settings over the wireless network.

Written by FRANKl yon
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