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  • Change the default router name and password.
    Change default login password.
    Select WPA/WPA2 security type.
    Keep your firmware updated.

  • Thanks for sharing your query with us However to make sure that your wifi is fully secured you need to change the default settings of your router and make a strong password as per your expectation.
    when you will keep a strong password it will show you saved and secured in the notification bar.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • Sometimes the best thing to say about a wireless router in your house is that once it’s set it, you forget it exists however to secure the wifi on your modem router below are few steps that we should follow:
    1) Change the Network Name
    2) Activate Encryption
    3) Double Up on Firewalls
    4) Turn Off Guest Networks
    5) Update Router Firmware
    6) Turn Off WPS
    7) Filter on MAC Addresses
    8) Disable DHCP
    And if you need help with the following steps please contact your technical support on the toll free number 1800-810-8012.

Written by Robert Delaney
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